Aquarium Cleaning Tips

How Do I Safely Clean an Aquarium Before Setting It Up?

Cleaning an aquarium can be a hassle, and if you take a few extra unnecessary steps, it can become downright messy. If you know what not to do, in addition to what to do, however, cleaning a fish tank is not that difficult.

The Don’ts

  • Never remove too much of the water during the water change process. The existing water and some of the waste are necessary to ensure a natural environment in the tank.

  • Never use bleach, soap, ammonia, dishwashing liquid, or other harsh chemicals in or outside the tank. They can be fatal to the fish.

  • Never use tap water in the tank.

  • Never use extremely cold or extremely hot water in the tank.

The Do’s

  • Use algae pads and scrapers to clean the interior and exterior of the tank. You can also use a microfiber cloth and some vinegar diluted in water to clean the exterior of the tank and cover.

  • Remove any artificial plants, rocks, and decor before using your algae scraper to clean them.

  • To clean extremely dirty decorations, take them out of the tank and put them in the sun for a couple of days. Once the algae has dried, simply rub it off. Rinse each item before you put it back into the tank. You should consider having a spare set of decorative items to use during this period.

  • To clean live plants, gently rub them using your fingers. If there is a lot of algae on them, place them in a solution of 10% bleach and water for around 3 minutes. Rinse them and then replace them in the tank. Never use more bleach than necessary, and never skip the rinsing step, as bleach is toxic to the fish in the tank.

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