Benefits of Using a Professional Aquarium Maintenance Service

An aquarium is only a happy and thriving place when it is clean so before you invest in an aquarium check to see how much time, effort, and money it will take to perform aquarium maintenance. This type of long-term responsibility, in addition to the cost, is frequently overlooked. Tank maintenance is not only about cleaning the aquarium for aesthetic purposes, it also means the upkeep of the fish. So why not consider hiring professional aquarium services such as Luxury Aquarium Maintenance if you are based in the Huntington Beach, CA area, here’s why.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Service to Clean And Maintain Your Aquarium

Cost of materials

What is needed, a water-changer kit, a gravel washer, thermometer, cleaning appliances, temperature products, filtration, aquatic chemicals, illumination, sponges, filter pads, activated charcoal, bio balls, live bacteria, protein skimmers, UV sterilization, algae scraper, a 5-gallon bucket, a siphon hose, aquarium-safe glass cleaner, bleach, metal or a plastic razor blade, and water test kits. This is just for a medium-sized tank, the larger ones can cost you in excess of $1,000 dollars a year.

Frequency and Effort

Tanks must be cleaned every month, and in between this, the water pH levels have to be measured and maintained, and the water needs to be changed every week. You should check the temperature each day to ensure the fish remain in a safe environment. Deep cleaning will never be an hour-long ordeal but a full-day event. Maintenance will easily take up most of your free time and energy left in a busy schedule. However, when you hire our services, frequent upkeep will significantly reduce the time you have to spend cleaning and maintaining your aquarium.

If you would like to make an appointment with a professional aquarium maintenance provider or have more questions, please contact Luxury Aquarium Maintenance at (562) 688-1912 now if you live in the Huntington Beach, CA region.